Theme/Plugin Conflicts – HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

The most common problem is a jQuery conflict. In short, if your theme loads jQuery library, then other plugin/s (like this one) also load jQuery then it can cause serious grief on the site and things start breaking. The solution is for all plugin developers and WordPress theme creators to use the copy of jQuery which is included in the WordPress core or load it from Google AJAX libraries, and to consider also using the noConflict jQuery mode (this plugin does all that). If you’re having jQuery conflict problems on your site then the most likely culprit it your theme. Read this article by Chris Coyier which explains the issue in more detail and outlines how you can fix it.

Using a band/musician theme?

If you’re using a theme designed especially for musicians or bands and you’re having problems integrating this audio plugin then there’s a very good chance your theme has its own audio player hard coded into the theme. This can cause problems as outlined above – basically different audio players do not play well together! You need to choose whether you want to use this audio plugin, or the audio player that came with your theme. And then delete all traces of the other!

A good alternative would be to use one of our themes which has been specially designed to work nicely with the HTML5 jQuery Audio Player plugin.

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