Sell music with Easy Digital Downloads

Looking to sell and distribute your music yourself, via WordPress? This tutorial will show you how to integrate Easy Digital Downloads with HTML5 jQuery Audio player.

What you need:

Step 1 – set up the audio player

  • Install HTML5 jQuery Audio player plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Upload your playlist/s and get the music player displaying how you want it on your site.
  • On Display Settings screen set ‘Show Buy Text’ to YES and set the text you want to display (eg BUY)

Step 2 – set up Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for sales/delivery of your music files

  • Install EDD plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Go through the EDD Settings to configure the plugin the way you want. EDD documentation is extremely good if you need any pointers there.
  • Once EDD is set up, its time to add your first download.  For each track you want to sell, you’ll need to create a product/download in EDD.
  • Now, for each download in EDD you will see a shortcode. It looks something like this
    [purchase_link id="94" text="Add to Cart" style="button"]

    Make a note of the download ID. (In example above, the ID is 94)

Step 3 – add your buy buttons

  • Jump back to your HTML5 jQuery Audio plugin playlist and paste the following code into the ‘Link Buy Text’ field for the music track

    Make sure to replace and ID_OF_THE_DOWNLOAD in the code above with your own domain and the download ID you wrote down from previous step.

  • Save… then test. Clicking ‘buy’ next to the track should direct the user to your payment gateway where they can complete the transaction, resulting in delivery of the digital goods.
  • Assuming it worked, apply the same process for each music track you wish to sell.

Helpful Notes (hopefully!)

  • Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress plugin built by Pippin Williamson for sales/delivery of digital products. This makes it perfect for music files.
  • The code we’ve used above directs user straight to the payment gateway to buy the single item. If you prefer to have the button function as an “Add to Cart”, use this code instead:
  • If you’re using PayPal as your payment gateway, consider turning on the option for customers to use Credit Card without having a PayPal account… you can do this via your PayPal account itself.

Other ways to sell

Note that you can attach any link you want to those buy buttons.  So EDD is not the only option.

  • If you sell your music on iTunes or another marketplace simply paste in the link to the track
  • Use a 3rd party service like FetchApp to sell/distribute your files – FetchApp integration tutorial here.

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