Sell music with WooCommerce

Looking to sell and distribute your music yourself, via WordPress? This tutorial will show you how to integrate WooCommerce with HTML5 jQuery Audio player.

What you need:

Step 1 – set up the audio player

  • Install HTML5 jQuery Audio player plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Upload your playlist/s and get the music player displaying how you want it on your site.
  • On Display Settings screen set ‘Show Buy Text’ to YES and set the text you want to display (eg BUY)

Step 2 – set up WooCommerce for sales/delivery of your music files

  • Install WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Go through the WooCommerce Settings to configure the plugin the way you want.
  • Once WooCommerce is set up, its time to add your first product.  For each track you want to sell, you’ll need to create a downloadable product in WooCommerce
  • View the product page on the front end. Make a note of the URL – it will be something like
  • Also make a note of the Product ID. If you cannot find your product’s ID, try using a plugin like Simply Show ID’s that will display the ID’s of products, pages, posts, etc. in a separate column

Step 3 – add your buy buttons

  • Jump back to your HTML5 jQuery Audio plugin playlist and paste the following code into the ‘Link Buy Text’ field for the music track
    Make sure to replace and ID in the code above with the full ink to your product and the download ID from previous step.
  • Save… then test. Clicking ‘buy’ next to the track should add the track to their cart, where they can complete the transaction, resulting in delivery of the digital goods.
  • Assuming it worked, apply the same process for each music track you wish to sell.

Helpful Notes (hopefully!)

  • If you would rather redirect the customer to the cart page, simply replace the “checkout” portion (slug) of the URL with your cart’s slug. For example,
  • Alternatively, you can redirect your user anywhere on your website by changing the URL before the “?” ( Remember, for this to work you MUST enable the AJAX add to cart option (under WooCommerce –> Settings –> Products) because the redirect option forces the redirect to the cart page.

Other ways to sell

Note that you can attach any link you want to those buy buttons.  So WooCommerce is not the only option.

  • If you sell your music on iTunes or another marketplace simply paste in the link to the track
  • Use a 3rd party service like FetchApp to sell/distribute your files – FetchApp integration tutorial here.
  • You could try using Easy Digital Downloads plugin instead of WooCommerce.

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