Mp3 and Ogg

The plugin supports mp3 and ogg files. You need to upload both an mp3 and ogg version of each track in the playlist. Please also check your files are encoded correctly, and confirm that your file paths are correct. jPlayer sometimes has problems with relative URLs so make sure you’re using the absolute paths.

I need Ogg? Waa?

If you want the player to work on all browsers and devices then yes you really do.  This is asked a lot so I will explain further…  Currently there is no consensus among the major browsers about which audio format should be the standard for HTML5 <audio>.  The table below illustrates why we need to make both mp3 and ogg files available in order to have true cross browser and cross device compatibility for our audio player.

mp3 and Ogg browser codec support

You can use a converter to make an ogg copy of your files fast and free and you can batch process with most tools. There are heaps of free conversion tools available – run a search.

For a quick, free, online conversion tool I recommend

For a more advanced audio editing tool I personally use

If you’d like to read more about audio formats and using audio in HTML5  Mark Boas has written an excellent article and tutorial here.

You may also have spotted that IE6-8 does not support either mp3 or ogg, which explains why this player does not work on those browsers.  I could spend a huge amount of time writing in a flash fallback for these browsers but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Thus, I have chosen not to support IE6-8 and spend my development time instead on improving, further developing and supporting this plugin. Apologies to any IE6-8 users who are crying about this right now. Please may I suggest you update your browser.



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