License Renewal

Our PRO plugins are licensed for one year at a time.  After that you may renew your license at a 30% discount to continue updates and support.

What happens if a license is not renewed?

  1. Automatic security and feature updates will be discontinued.
  2. The download link in your account area will disappear.
  3. You will no longer have access to technical support for the item.

If I renew my license, do I need to also re-download the software and install it again?

No, the built-in automatic update system will take care of all of that for you.

Will my plugin work with an inactive or expired license?

Yes it will, and this is perfectly legal.

Can licenses be renewed early or late?

Yes.  Renewing early will extend your license from its previous end (giving you two full years).  Renewing late will give you one more year beginning from your point of renewal.

Early renewal example: If you purchased in April 2014, and renewed in January 2015 your license would expire in April 2016, giving you two full years.

Late renewal example: If you purchased in April 2014, and renewed in July 2015 your license would expire in July 2016, giving you two full years with a gap between April and July 2015.

Is there a discount for renewing?

Yes, all license renewals at 30% off of the current price for the plugin.

Are there lifetime licensing options?

Not at this time.

If I have Live and Testing servers, do I need to activate my license on both sites?

No, you should only activate your license on your Live site.  You may still install the plugin on your Test server and use it without an active license.

How do I renew my license?

You will receive an email notification when your license is due to expire soon. Simply follow the link in the email and it will prefill your details for renewal and apply your discount so you can checkout quickly and easily.

If you no longer have that email or wish to renew manually then you can simply go to the and add the product to your cart as if it were a new purchase. Then when you go to checkout there’s an option to enter your previous license key.  Example below.

When you click it it will look like this:

All renewal discounts will be automatically applied and your key will be immediately valid after purchase.

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